Posted by: C. Good | April 2, 2010

American Idol:R&B/Soul Night

Tonight was another great night of Idol. The theme of the night was Soul/R&B which is one of my fave themes. And they brought out Usher to mentor the contestants. I was really surprised how good Usher was at mentoring the contestants. Man he gave some great advice and it really improved the performances. First up for the night was Siobhan… She chose to sing “Through the Fire”.She only did decent and she was like so freakin pitchy it was crazy,then of course she did that annoying scream at the end of the song. Im sooo glad Simon finally called her out for it! Next up was Casey and he performed “Hold On”…once again he brought out the electric guitar which is very distracting from his song. Man find something else to do, shock us please! Big Mike had one of the best performances of the night. He sang the great “Ready for Love” by India Arie, and man he did good! Have to say I did hate the cut away of the audience waving their hands which made it look so lame. But still good nontheless. Didi who I really liked got tore apart. I just don’t think people get her or something cause she is good and her voice is very unique. Yeh she is old fashion a bit but dang leave her alone lol. Tim Urban who I can’t stand at all really messed up Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love”. It reminded me of some kind of lounge singer and he just looked all weird when he was looking in the camera. But moving along…Andrew once again recreated another hit from a song. He did an acoustic version of Chris Brown’s “Forever” and it was good. Poor Katie,how is she supposed to get any better if even the judges don’t even know what advice to give her! I mean I understand what Simon is saying about her being a country singer but the girl is clearly R&B and Pop. Hopefully she can get it together on her own because she is super talented, she just lacks the right direction to use it. Lee is somebody I keep forgetting about but after tonight im seeing him as somebody that could be a potential winner. He naturally is a rocker and he really has a good voice. Crystal Bowersox to me is already an artist. She knows what her image should be and what her genre is and everything. She always delivers and what she did with “Midnight Train to Georgia” was crazy! Lastly was Aaron, he was average and why in the world did you chose a song that has been song so many times on this show and plus song better by more talented artists. Still tho he will be okay like I said he can actually sing just had a bad night. Well time to see who had to hit the road this week folks, and it was………………………DiDi! Not saying it was a major shocker being that the judges basically condemned her to death with all the negative remarks. But still im rather pissed cause I hate it when people don’t give an artist that is really good. So DiDi im here I understand LMAO! Anyway enough jokes lol thats all from me until next week!


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