Posted by: Draztic | March 18, 2010

Buzzin: G-State of Mind

Not every female in the rap game has a sexy image and lyrics to match that make it easier to grab attention. Not to say I do not appreciate a sexy woman, but it is irrelevant to the artistry of being an “emcee.” Yet, there are women in the game who relied on what they had to say as their means of connecting with their audience. Artists such as Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Nikki Mcknight aka Terror are those type of artists.

Terror, a proud representative of Columbus, Ga has been in the rap game for some years now and ready to make her presence known. Her latest LP, G-State of Mind is an exhibition of who and what Terror is all about. The majority of the album is definitely uptempo and for those who know about the streets. Tracks such as “Break Em Off” and “If They Hatin” serve as disclaimers to Terror and her attitude towards haters and anyone who does not respect what she represents. “Gangsta” is a package deal anthem and club banger that is self-explanatory. However, Terror does aim to show that a G’s state of mind is not limited. “How I Feel” is an in depth song that the artist is both honest and humble on some experiences she has dealt with from lack of success to being on the streets not knowing where she would sleep that night.

G-State of Mind is definitely buzzworthy and definitely deserves a thorough listen! To listen to the 12 track LP, visit Terror’s myspace at


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