Posted by: C. Good | March 11, 2010

American Idol: Top 12 Revealed

Tonight was the big reveal of the Top 12. There were alot of tears and disappointments and just as many cheers. The final 12 wasn’t completely what I thought it was gonna be but im pretty satisfied. On the girls side I’m fine with Lily and Katelyn going home not really a big let down at all. Lily was good but was overshadowed by the other girls. Katelyn I could care less about and pretty happy to see her go with them weird performance faces that freak me out. As for the guys I felt that even tho I don’t care for Todrick like that I still would rather have to seen him make it rather than Tim Urban, I mean he didn’t even do that good last night! Plus he boring and I don’t like him lol. But moving along… also tonight I have to say the contestants did a great job on Michael Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet”. Yall gone head! Thats my song! Oh and we got treated to a duet by last season’s Matt Giruad and Scott Macintrye, which I could done without. But hate it or love this is our Top 12 and next week the contestants will be performing the songs of the Rolling Stones, this should be interesting.


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