Posted by: C. Good | March 9, 2010

American Idol: Girl’s Night March 10th

Great another lackluster night of Idol. I don’t know what they gonna have to do to make the show entertaining again. Maybe the producers need to step in and tell the contestants to pick better songs or something. But anyway here we go. First of all Katie just is not stepping up like I know she can and its pretty hard to watch. She has done all that the judges suggest but its not working. Maybe she needs somebody to help her with artist development because she has the natural talent she just doesn’t know what to do with it. Siobhan Magnus I just don’t get her I don’t understand why the judges rave on and on about her but to me she is a good singer but boring. Lacey Brown I don’t even feel like commenting on, she just needs to go home plain and simple. Katelyn Epperly gives the most wierd performance faces I have ever seen and she really think she be killing it but dont be doin nothin! So sad…DiDi was my fav of the night. I love her voice and she def needs to stick to these type of song selections and never ever do what she did last week again! For Paige Miles I felt the same way Randy did. I mean she really messed up a good song like “Smile”. Don’t understand cause she really can sing but she never does anything good for songs. Crystal Bowersox is ready to win! She always comes out and delivers like she is already an artist and she is just performing her new single. The others need to sit back and watch how she do it. Lilly Scott is the one girl who I often forget but she is good too, i mean not as good as Crystal but good. She is just very forgetable and needs to find a better way to stand out. Overall not too bad of a night but damn I’m still waiting to be blown away! Oh well lets just see what the guys gonna do tomorrow.


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