Posted by: C. Good | March 3, 2010

American Idol:Girl’s…I mean Guy’s Night

Tonight’s Idol…Well where do I start. At first I thought the tv guide had got it mixed up but yeh it really was guys night. Contestant Crystal Bowerox had to be rushed to the ER, but I have never have heard of Idol switching up the entire schedule for something like this before. Surprised me. But moving along,no other way to explain tonight’s show but to say it sucked once again. I was really hoping  that everyone would take the criticism of the judges last week and just blow us away but clearly this is not the case. I think Big Mike did a great job and he really made me a fan of his with his performance. Also “Mullet” guy is a good singer but he keeps picking the wrong songs. Matter of fact I think this is the problem with all the singers this season, no one is picking the right songs! I mean is it that hard I think not. And Jermaine Sellers just going off lol too funny but I believe the judges were right in what they were saying about him and he is turning into some kind of Diva.   And Casey James has pissed me off messing up my song ” I Don’t Wanna Be” by Gavin Degraw!  Great song by a great singer and Casey just mucked it up! Matter of fact why were most of these folks vocals soo off tonight!  Idk whats goin guess they came to the big stage and got nervous.  I agree with Simon this years winner will def be girl.  Speaking of tomorrow it will be the girls turn and lets please hope they do better than this folks tonight!

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