Posted by: Draztic | February 25, 2010

Buzzin: Blue Steel 2.0

Blue Steel 2.0 is the latest mixtape by  Raye Rich and First, known in Atlanta’s hip hop scene as FKI. This 20 track mixtape is an appetizer for their upcoming mixtape Magnum. Listening to this is a full throttle, uptempo, and fun experience! This is a group that definitely epitomizes bringing the fun back to the sport of hip hop. From the energetic opening tracks of “8.0.8” and “Turn It Up” the crew delivers impressing lyrics over anthem-like production. Also, the mixtape include some creative genius that all the fellas should flock towards “Tungmartialarts” which should be self-explanatory! If not, think Superhead! Got it? Good! Inmy opinion, the most standout and my personal favorite track on the mixtape is “Ultimate”. More of a mellow addition but the context of the song is uplifting and for everyone is whatever grind you are involved, corporate, school, or entertainment! This is definitely a mixtape full of bangers from creative production to “out of the box lyrics” Blue Steel 2.0 is definitely a PLAY-FOR-PLAY mixtape that doesn’t need fingers to guide through the tracks! To listen to this mixtape visit


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