Posted by: C. Good | February 24, 2010

American Idol: Top 12 Girls

Soooo disappointed in tonights show! I mean after all the hype of this being the strongest group of girls you would think that you would be blowed away. NOT! The night was filled with very good singers but with boring performances. It was like no energy whatsoever. They all kept picking the slowest most depressing ballads ever written. During this point in the competition you should be trying to pick songs that are gonna entertain the crowd so we can remember you, I mean we already know yall can sing. Despite this I did have some stand out performances that I liked. Janell Wheeler did a good job with “What About Love” by Heart. Katelyn Epperly also did well at making herself noticeable, not only can she sing but she has a good idea on the fashion part of being an artist with her Madonna outfit. The three girls I thought really shined of course got butchered by the judges. Didi Benami performed Ingrid Michaelson’s hit The Way I am and I think that she made it her own but the judges felt that she copied the original artist too much,disagree all the way. Next was the girl that I think is the most original out of all the girls, Crystal Bowersox. The girl can play that guitar and a freakin harmonica! Plus she sang a Alanis Morissette song so that makes her even more awesome. And my favorite of course was Katie Stevens…judges thought she was too young for the song she chose but I think that she did great and she actually knows how to perform really good to be her age. Come on judges give her some slack! Ok the fun part,who do I think will be packing it up on Thursday…me thinking Haeley Vaughn and Lacey Brown. Haeley voice is like so annoying to me and hate to hear her sing anything I mean why they choose her for the top 24 is beyond me! And Lacey Brown, you are so much better than that performance you gave. How on Earth did you ruin a classic song like Landslide. After that I don’t think you will be with us next week. Well that raps it up for me tonight. But tomorrow the guys take the stage, please yall don’t give us another dull night!


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