Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | February 22, 2010

Kevin Hart Explains His Remarks About Dark Skin Women

Kevin Hart went on Egypt’s radio show in NYC to explain his remarks on Twitter about Dark Skin women. In case you missed it, he says and I quote: @KevinHart4real #handsdown Light-skinned women usually have better credit than a darkskinned women.Broke ass dark hoes lol . Now as a dark skin women I was HIGHLY offended. But when I sat back and thought about it, I realized HE is just as dark, f not darker than me. His momma probably dark, and I know for a fact his WIFE his dark skinned. Offense no longer taken. And Kevin does NOT apologize for his remarks.



  1. Still offended, but he’s a comedian and there isn’t a comedian alive who hasn’t offend someone at some time.

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