Posted by: Draztic | February 21, 2010

Buzzin:College Radio 1102 “The Takeover”

Columbus, Ga is headquarters to Smash Mouf Enterprises, a hip hop group looking to make their mark on the city and next the world. SME’s DJ T.F.Brad’s release of College Radio 1102 is his latest mixtape consisting of 32  tracks. The mixtape features the most popular artists and song out ranging from F-L-Y’s “I’m So Gone”, Charlie Boy’s “Go Shorty”, and Usher’s “Little Freak” featuring Nicki. SME artists: T-Bailey, 40Cal, G.T., T-Wayne, Phat Mac, Yung Chris, and Chorambo are also featured throughout this mixtape. A genius move that DJ  Brad does is add in a section of throwback songs that would make a club go crazy when played.  Pimp C’s “Front Back” and Outkast’s “So Fresh and So Clean” are two of the songs that Dj Brad has in rotation on this mixtape to have listeners crunk in they car once they come on. The SME team costars on this mixtape with some freestyles and orginial songs. Two standout songs on the entire mixtape are SME orginial songs, their anthem “Another Level” feat G.T.& T-Wayne and “Exotic” feat G.T.& Phat Mac.

This mixtape has a perfect blend of uptempo and slow records from your favorite artists to make this cd easy for you to play without needing to skip a track. SME also get on these tracks and put their witty lyrics and catchy hooks to them, some of their songs I liked better than the original records! Hot mixtape and if you don’t have it, GET FAMILIAR!!! To listen, visit or


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