Posted by: C. Good | February 17, 2010

American Idol: Hollywood Round Part III

Tonight’s airing of American Idol was good and interesting. On the two hour episode, it combined two eliminations and revealed a few of the top 24. So far from what I have seen this season has sooo many diverse and talented contestants which is a very good and bad thing because it makes it a lil harder to eliminate them. But the judges did a great job of trimming out the not so good and the plain out just bad. Thinking on it my favorites and I don’t think anyone elses were eliminated from the first round…for now. Like I said before tonight was also the picks for the top 24 so the very next day the Idol hopefuls are put through another nerve wrecking elimination. From the picks that were showed I can say I’m not disappointed in any. Glad to see Big Mike make it through, I mean some people you just want to make cause they have such a good heart. Speaking of that, man I really hope Angela Martin makes it this time. This girl has been through so much on the show and in her personal life and I think its really cool how she can still get up there perform. Well guess we have to wait until tomorrow to see how things are gonna turn out…but make sure to tune in tomorrow night for the final picks!

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