Posted by: C. Good | February 11, 2010

American Idol: Group Night Recap

Well as promised tonight’s show didn’t let down on the drama and tears that come with Group Night. May I add that this was prob my least favorite group night in American Idol history. It just didn’t have any real stand out performances, everyone was just average. Matter of fact the song selection the show gave the contestants were a lil unfair, I mean Gwen Stefani “Sweet Escape” thats not a song to show off your vocals. Glad that my picks Katie and Andrew made it through which I didn’t have a doubt about at all. Alot of other folks deserved to make it through too but some of the judges picks had me questioning their choices. Ummm really upset with the one chick who just all of a sudden just quits hours before she was posed to perform…what a waste of space somebody else could have had her spot. Besides that the usual case of groups with unwanted members, too many members and the one person that just has to be in the lead. After all the years that part is still entertaining. Next week the contestants best to sing like their lives depend on it cause it will be the final round and the biggest cut to the top 24! Gonna get very interesting!


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