Posted by: C. Good | February 10, 2010

American Idol: Tuesday Night Recap

So tonight was the first night of the Hollywood round. Also the long awaited arrival of Ellen as the new judge! Now for months there has been excitement for her addition to the show but some have questioned her qualifications for the job. In my opinion I think she has done a great job and plus she adds some much needed comedy to the show! Even tho she is funny at times she is also serious and gives good advice. A good pick by the producers. Tonight we loss some of the fan favorites from the audition rounds. First casualty was “SKIIBOSKI” from Atlanta, I think the guy can actually sing but he doesnt seem to take the Idol opportunity serious enough and plays around too much. Of course he had to give the judges a piece of his mind before making the walk of shame. Another victim from the night was the country bumpkin Vanessa Wolfe, you know the chick who never has rode on an “aeroplane” as she says. It was like she was wayyy out of place and was nervous as crap and she sounded awful. Good riddens! People to watch out for are Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia. Katie is a lil 17 year old white girl but blows like a grown black woman! Def looking for her to make top 12. Andrew is a genius for what he did with Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”. He did an acoustic version and put some soul into it, man I could actually see it being a hit single! These two are my favs I will be following. Well tomorrow is group night and also when folks start acting a damn fool! Look forward to lots of cuts and drama! So anyone pick out any favorites yet?

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