Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | February 4, 2010

The Playground: A Compilation Vol. 1 by Mach Five

So I was on Twitter last night and the homie MumsFP showed up in my timeline. Ya’ll remember MumsFP from his artist profile aka my Get Familiar section,well anywho, MumsFP was promotin a new track he is featured on and I had a few seconds so I took a listen, it was pure dope like  crack! its definitely a track for the ladies but its not like the usual, Bedrock and all that! Its basically Jason Caesar, Mach Five and MumsFP saying, she wants to get it in but all she needs is Vicodin and Violins. Now I’m more of a Daiquiri and Drums type person but I stil feel them! Check the track out, ya’ll know I wouldn’t steer you to no wack s**t!

Vicodin & Violins-Jason Caesar, Mach Five and MumsFP

Why stop there??? You might as well listen to the whole mixtape, I got it turned ALL THE WAY UP at work, I might get fired but its cool, I got like 8 more jobs anyway! Some of the hottest underground Atlanta artists are featured on this compilation and you can download the whole thing for FREE. You know we keep it recession proof these days! So while you sittin at home, or bored at work, or just need to take your mind off of a rough day, log on and check this mixtape out, I swear it changes things!



  1. great write up! dl’ing now…

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