Posted by: Draztic | February 4, 2010

Buzzin:The Prequel

Welome world! I am ya man Draztic, the latest addition to the RealityBuzz family. I bring to you , “Buzzin’ “In my section, I will be reviewing music from your favorite artists and from up and coming artists. I will primarily stay within my expertise, hip hop and r&b but to any artists in other genres who would like for me to review their music I am opent to accept and review all submissions. My pledge: I will be honest, unbiased, and as critical as possible. My reviews will be based on production, lyrical content, delivery, presence, and most importantly, QUALITY!! Way too often do I hear music that I am sure is good but sounds like it was recorded while driving in the passenger seat of the car with the window down. My disclaimer: I walk in honesty. Do not submit your music if you cannot take criticism or do not want to hear the truth. If that is the case, keep your music in your mom’s car because everyone with ears is a critic in some form or fashion. Well, that is “Buzzin” in a nutshell, stay tuned and I will keep you updated with the hottest albums, mixtapes, and exclusive singles! Follow me on twitter at @IamDraz I will be commenting on material as I view it and tweet me any requests or submissions! Truly yours, signing off!


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