Posted by: Draztic | February 4, 2010

Buzzin: The Blueprint 3

OK this is my only biased review LOL…. ONLY because this is my favorite artists and all the reviews on this album have not been up to par so I chose to review it though it is not new!

In an industry dominated with artists popular by gimmicks, affiliations, looks and physique, Jay-Z relies solely on skill to be the basis of his dominance with his latest release of The Blueprint 3, the final installment to his blueprint series. The fifteen track LP serves to be Jay-Z’s most unique album yet due to the different selection of production and his constant reference to “ushering a new sound.” Production includes Jay-Z’s in-house producer Kanye West, Swizz Beats, Timbaland, Inkredibles, and No-ID. Features include Drake, Kid Cudi, Young Jeezy, and Alicia Keys.  

Jay-Z reassures all critics who thought he would have “lost it” with getting older that he still has a charismatic delivery, witty punch lines, creates some of the most catchy hooks, and constructs clever concepts. Opening up the album with “What We Talkin’ About,” Jay-Z sets the tone for the album that the artist has elevated to new thinking with his music and distinguishes what he feels is important for him to discuss. In the Swizz Beats produced “On to the Next One,” he opens up the song “Hov on some new shit, niggas like how come/ niggasa want my old shitt, buy my old album.” The rapper/entrepreneur proved to be one of the most high profile trendsetters in entertainment with “Off That,” providing a list of things that are “in” and “out”. Jay-Z also proclaims an end to the usage of the instrument that made T-Pain infamous with the first single from the album, “D.O.A” (Death of Auto-Tune). A surprisingly more humble Jay-Z shows appreciation and tribute to a list of other artists he felt have been successful in the music industry on “A Star is Born” ranging from Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Drake. 

   Of course, there are some expectations that will be fulfilled in a Jay-Z Album. The Brooklyn, New York native has always paid tribute to his hometown. He follows the formula and provides a new anthem for the state with “Empire State of Mind,” replacing the sample with lovely vocals of Alicia Keys. There is also the female oriented record. Cleverly, he uses a battle of the sexes with the song “Venus vs Mars” offering the differences, similarities, and what ultimately leads to the downfall of this relationship. Aside from the songs the expected songs, the weak points of the album are the songs addressed to the critics that are either also known as (aka) or have the potential to be “Haters.” One of West’s most disappointing production efforts, Jay-Z and West go back and forth offering reasons for their dominance and why they are hated on. “Reminder” is a decent record but the title sums up the song. He gives you a checklist of accomplishments and why he is at this point in his career. Besides for some quotable lines and the Joe Budden diss (“Ordinary Joes button up”), the song is unnecessary. It does not take a committed fan to be aware of the artist’s success.

   Jay-Z is righteously a living legend in the music industry that will continue to produce good music. However, he must live up with the responsibility of going a different route and straying away from reminding the public of what he has done. As he stated, we should be afraid of what he gon’ do next!

Well thats my review, what do you think of this album? Let us know! Remember, follow me on twitter @IamDraz! Truly yours, signing off!


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