Posted by: C. Good | February 3, 2010

American Idol: The Recap

Well tonight on American Idol the auditions got a lil more serious. Which is good to me cause even though I be laughing extra hard at the folks that can’t sing worth nothing, sometimes its nice to hear real talent. They def saved the best for last. Mostly everyone did good. And I use mostly because there still were some fools in the bunch. Like the one chick who sung “I Kissed A Girl” and flashed the judges,even though her poor performance was quite similar to the original artist herself. Besides that the rest of the night was basically a recap and behind the scenes of stuff they took out on the other shows. But next week is where the real action begins…Hollywood Week! Expect alot of tears and breakdowns! And everyones favorite hostess Ellen finally shows up for the action. Also if you have any comments about tonights show feel free to write away.


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