Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | January 13, 2010

Get Familiar: Mums FP

MumsFP, a.k. Mums “Free the People”, is a solo rap dude with a flow thats CRAZY! And when I say crazy, I mean dope, to the HIGHEST extent, ya’ll know I don’t co-sign no wack sh**! Born in Boston, M A. Mums FP was a Military brat being that he has lived all over the world, before settling down with his family in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

“ Mums FP Aka One Take, Da Pittsburgh Representer” say that PA is the base for his Northern Hip Hop roots Mums F.P. but he now calls Atlanta his home. Which is where I met him at. He is a cool, very humble, very talented and focused dude. look out for him to be on the SMKA Experiment 808 Vol. 2 mixtape that you will hear me talking about FOR WEEKS! its just that dope! Mums F.P.’s sound is a mix of northern flow with Southern bounce, which makes Mum’s stand out in any forum. The “F” in Mums F.P. should stand for focus as he states in his single entitled “Bounce”, in which he warns MC’s, “Your Removal is Necessary I’m So Focused”.

Mums has been in the game for a minute now. He has come in contact with a few of the “greats”, in the rap game, especially when he interned at Disturbing The Peace. Mums F. P. had the opportunity to work with artist such as Jagged Edge, and many more. Mums use to ghost write for local and up coming artist in the Metro Atlanta area, when he caught the attention of a prominent hip Hop artist. Mums FP was retained by the artist and wrote “We Use To Chill” sparking the artist to try and capture 100% of the publishing. Mums F.P. made a very wise business move, and retained 100% of his publishing produced and performed “We Use To Chill” creating an instant street buzz. Mums is now managed by Kei Opens Doors Management & Enoch Entertainment & Management Group. Mum’s says, “I just want to keep it clean cut to the point with killer beats as my back drop” While doing that MUMS FP is making sure his name is one that everyone will remember, and I will do my part to makeSURE you remeber the name….MUMS F.P., GET FAMILIAR! Be on the look out for Mums album entitled“ MUMS THE WORD”.

Here is some MumsFP Exclusive Tracks:

Levi Denim

FB Love

Kool Like

If I Could FLI (Perfect Suspects)


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