Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | January 11, 2010

SMK 808 Experiment Artist Profile: A.Leon Craft

As promised, I want to personally introduce the world to some of the hottest ATL Underground and first up is, A.Leon Craft. Native of Eastside Atlants, Craft is no stranger to the rap game. He has been in it for a minute. He was once a member of a well known ATL rap group, Da Backwudz or the Labratz, when he went by the name,  Big Marc. He has a sound that reminds you of the great Andre 3K, but don’t get it twisted, Craft has a flow of his own, and I will personally say, ITS DOPE. I dont co-sign wack sh**! 

Excuse second-generation ATLien A. Leon Craft if he sounds slightly obsessed with outer space. His lyrical mix of metaphysics and earthly indulgence finds him with one foot stuck in the firmament, and the other firmly planted in his native Decatur. Before Craft’s solo excursion, he was a Southern rap star on the rise. His and partner Sho Nuff’s bubbly duo Da Backwudz signed with Dallas Austin several years ago. But record label speed bumps and his involvement with Da Backwudz spin-off Labratz hsa since fueled his growth as an independent performer. Lately, he’s been holed up in the studio with producer Sol Messiah and other collaborators including “Spaced Out” producers SMKA Productions as he puts the finishing touches on his solo release, Mothership Decatur, due in late ’09.
— Rodney Carmichael

The quote above is basically, A.Leon Craft in a nutshell! His music is dope, it takes you back to the days of riding to Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. He does seem to almost have an obsession with outerspace but what can he say, his rhymes are out of this world, and his metaphors WILL make you think! Here is a track from the man himself!

A.Leon Craft-Botanicals (Produced by SMKA)

Just an extra bonus video! =)


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