Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | January 6, 2010

J-Boog being held in jail for Domestic Violence Charges

I hate to report this because you all know I hold a special place in my heart for Fizz and Boog since our interview. Welp, Boog has started his New Years off WRONG! He is being held in a L.A. Jail for Domestic Violence charges against his Fiancee/mother of his 3 children, Jondelle.

Officer April Harding of the LAPD’s Pacific Division tells E! News that the 24-year-old singer, whose real name is Jarell Damonte Houston, was arrested Sunday at his home following a dispute where the neighbors reportedly heard screaming and allerted the cops. Boog is being held on $66,000 bail. J-Boog also has several warrants that had been issued against him for a series of driving offenses. Damn…

Here is J-Boogs Fiancee Jondelle...



  1. Domestic violence and dying young seems to be a major theme in celerity news lately. I really hate seeing someone waste their potential.

    • hello, to all the fans and j-boog or fizz my name is ashley britt and i’ve been a fan of ya’ll since b2k. i just want to say that I can’t judge boog because I’ve seen domestic violence since i was little but by me being a fan I know then boog would never hit a female, i know that his mother and father raised my better than that. if this is a rumor I hope boog can rise above it and don’t let haters kept him down.

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