Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | December 31, 2009

Happy New Year From Brooke Lynn Carter!!!!!

2009 almost seems like a blur to me at this point! We have all had our share of ups and downs. We lost a lot of ledgens such as Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett this year. And we experienced a few baby booms in hollywood as well. 2009 also brought on the birth of RealityBuzz. Never in amillion years would I think that I could run a website and it have people who consistently view it. Never in a million years would I think I would get the opportunity to meet stars such as Slim of 112 or J-Boog and Fizz, all of whom I am fans of. I would like to thank all of our viewers for sticking by us and helping us to be all we can be!

As we go into this New Year, I have noticied like every year, alot of people are announcing their New Years resolutions. Alot of people are thinking of changing themselves, be it weight, personality or career wise. For 2010, I will not strive to CHANGE myself, I strive to BETTER myself and grow. This is so cliche now, but I just want to be successful. Fully focused on my goal,with that being said, Happy New Year to you and yours from not only myself, but ALL of us here at RealityBuzz! ♥



  1. Happy New Year Brooke! Let’s do big things in 2010.

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