Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | December 29, 2009

Keyshia Cole pulls out the BABY BUMP

After all the speculation, after all the times she tried to deny her pregnancy, gosh darnit we got ourselves a baby bump! Keyshia Cole put her Mommy To Be Glow on display at a charity event over the holidays. Her adoptive mother was also along for the ride. Congrats Keyshia! Her baby’s father is NBAl player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.


  1. Congrats to the parents to be.

  2. Im so happy for her blessings come always when u least expect them to come so congrats and enjoy life to the fullest and god bless yall.

  3. I am glad that she is with her real mother, the one that raised her “YVONNE”. Hopefully the child would be raised with the stability of the Cole’s Family. If Keisha wasn’t successful her Frankie and the rest of the free loaders wouldn’t be there Keisha. I get annoyed when I see that Frankie is listed as her mother. From my understanding when you are adopted, the adopted parents are the parents. I didn’t like the reality show, because I didn’t feel the show was sensitive to the Cole Family.

  4. Keyshia I’m so happy you had a baby boy ily with all my heart your my roll model Love Aurial


  6. first baby

  7. omg keyshia i am ur fan i didn’t know u were gonna have a baby congratz girl ill have to read on you more often

  8. u are my idol girl and keep doing what u do and whoever said that she was hiding it she wasn’t maybe she just wanted to surprise us

  9. Congrats on your bundle of joy hope your child could bless us with the same strong voice that his/her mother has. Thank you for that

  10. hey …………………………………baby

  11. so happy for her and daniel
    she is mommy now i kno she is lovin it

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