Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | December 11, 2009

Ashanti has a STALKER

It seems Ms.Ashanti has an admirer and he does NOT want to keep it a secret! He isn’t even your average sit outside your house all day stalker, he has taken thing to the next level, he is a “text stalker”. Dude is a 31 year old Indiana “fitness expert” by the name of Devar Hurd. Evidently he  has been sending obscene messages to Ashanti, her mama, and her sister, and they are all about his love for Ashanti and how they should be together *BLANK STARE*.  He even goes on to say he’s jealous of her relationship with Nelly, sending graphic pics of himself, sending them pics of their HOUSE, and saying that he can’t wait to be with Ashanti one day.  Someone PLEASE tell Nelly he has a hater!  According to the Huffington Post:

Hurd’s text messages interspersed explicit sexual scenarios – sometimes accompanied by photos of male genitals – with career advice, accounts of his workouts and dreamy romantic visions, according to the court papers.

“I had a nice dream about us shani,” he wrote in June, according to the papers. “We was at your place and had a event and u was singing. I was feeling so good because we was finally past this and living together.”

A July message said his mental state “is very fragile with all this,” the court papers said.

While most of the messages were apparently directed at Ashanti, a few seemed to address her mother, Tina Douglas, and sister, Kenashia.

Apparently this case is going to trial, but Ashanti’s reps say it’s “been handled”.  Devar is being held on a $50K bond.  Wow….she doesn’t even have to have a song out and the dudes will STILL go crazy over her! Kudos to you Ashanti, but you might need a witness protection program, I’m just sayin.

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