Posted by: tokyorose1 | December 10, 2009

Vick Wants Another Dog???????

Michael Vick says that he wants another dog. As you know earlier this year Vick got in a little trouble for being involved in training dogs and having them to fight. He was found guilty and served a 23 month federal prison sentence. “I wish I could have a dog right now, more than anything in the world” is what he told a group of young kids and adults during his 15 minute talk at the Boy and Girls Club. If I was Vick I wouldn’t even want to think, look at, dream about or even say the word dog. If I heard a bark I would quickly walk…no RUN the other way! But because of this incident, Vick was dropped from the Atlanta Falcons and lost a lot of his endorsements. But things are starting to look good for Mr. Vick. After being dropped from the Falcons, he got picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles and as we see, he has no problem with fitting in there…..How bout those Eagles! Now Michael Vick will have his own show that airs January 26, 2010 on BET called The Michael Vick Project. The eight part series puts light on the NFL player’s life and his road to redemption both personal and professionally so watch out for that. I’m sure this will be the highest rating show on BET for the 2010 year.


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