Posted by: londynbridges | December 9, 2009

No More Gatorade for Tiger

I bet if Nike pulls the plug, the wife will speak out ... $$$$$

Tiger should’ve learned a thing or two from Chris Brown, when you business hits the streets, your endorsements go with it. Gatorade announced early today that they are discontinuing the “Tiger Focus,” but get this … PepsiCo Inc., which is the distributer of Gatorade, says it has NOTHING to do with Tiger’s personal life, that sales for the drink dropped 34% in October. I still say whatever. Let’s hope Nike isn’t next.  

Is Nike Next ???

Honestly by the time you get finished reading this, another woman will come out and say she has slept with Tiger. Now, speculation is stating that Tiger is a sex addict, and he might even appear on Oprah (chuckle chuckle) to clear his name. Wow. Oprah Tiger. Let’s try … Dr. Phil maybe.  

Here is another source that you might also find interesting … Buzz on the corner is Tiger has fathered a child, and that is why his wife came after him with the club … hmmm

Tweetesville always gets people in trouble

Poor lil Tink Tink … The Tiger just went Tiger … I guess.

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