Posted by: londynbridges | December 9, 2009

Must Have Gadgets For Christmas !

If you want to make your girlfriend or boyfriend, significant other, wife, kids, WHATEVER happy for the holidays, check out this compilation of hot things to get for that big day :

If you haven’t already purchased an iPod .. Try the new iPod Nano that now shoots video … How cool .. Check out

Now shoots Video & Live Pause for Radio !

8GB 2,000 songs & 8 hrs of Video -$149

16 GB 4,000 songs 16 hrs of Video -$179 

Here is another must have the Flip Video camcorder ( I want one of these) Check out The Mino HD 120 min -$229.99- The Mino HD 60 min-$199.99-Mino 60 min-$149.99 Ultra HD 120 min-$199.99- Ultra 120 min– $149.99

Flips come in different versions as well as storage sizes !

Here is something for the book worm in you life. The Nook. Available at $259. The Nook allows you to download over 1000 books and digitally read them without the book ! 

Great for Road trips & Plane Rides

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