Posted by: Carmen St. Diego | December 6, 2009

Fighters battle in The Ultimate Fighter Finale

Roy "Big Country" Nelson -- finally something other than a ground-and-pound win.

Contenders battled it out tonight in The Ultimate Fighter Finale.

The main event of the night was Roy “Big Country” Nelson fighting Brendan “The Hybrid” Schaub for a chance at taking a six-figure contract with Ultimate Fighting Championship and The Ultimate Fighter 2010 title.

Nelson knocked out Schaub with a one-two combo to the face in the first round of the bout, taking the contract, title and bragging rights. Schuab messed up after he looked away during a punch from Nelson.  That’s when Big Country laid another punch in Schaub’s  jaw, knocking him to the ground for the win.  Wow. It’s good to know Nelson won the bout with something other than a ground-and-pound — which is what he has been doing to win bouts throughout the season on The Ultimate Fighter.  He actually planned to win this one with his good ole’ ground-and-pound method, but it was foiled when Schaub escaped it.

I think there are many people who underestimated Nelson, including me.  But when he entered the Octagon to Weird Al’s I’m Fat, I doubted him even more.  I really thought one of the other fighters would get the contract.  Nelson just got lucky.

Among other fights was Houston “The Assassin” Alexander and Kimbo Slice.  Kimbo Slice won and is now 4-1.

I am just going to say it — that fight was a disappointment.  These are two fighters that seem like they could put on a good fight for the crowd, but their fight was far cry from exciting.  Both contenders wanted to play it safe.  People don’t watch The Ultimate Fighter Finale to see fighters play it safe.

Round one was the biggest disappointment, with Alexander and Slice circling the ring, not throwing the first punch or kick until about a minute into the round.  I think I can speak for most of the audience — who were “booing” the entire first round — and say the first round wasn’t worth watching and hardly worth mentioning.  It was a bathroom break round.

The second round began with both contenders circling the ring again…. Didn’t we just see that? Did they not hear the booing crowd? Finally, Slice wailed on Houston with punches, and managed to get a full mount and a rear naked choke hold.  Houston escaped it, but looked tired by the end of the round, staggering after Slice hit him.  Houston got in some hits, but for the most part, Slice dominated the second round.

By the final round, both fighters looked exhausted.  Alexander took down Slice with a leg sweep and an elbow, but it wasn’t enough to beat Slice’s punches.

Sure Slice won, but the audience didn’t sound too happy about the fight, booing him and Alexander because of a not-so-stellar and very forgettable performance.

Did you watch the finale? I want to know your thoughts on it.  Post a comment.


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