Posted by: tokyorose1 | December 4, 2009

Was Soulja Boy Rockin Henna Tats???????

Check this out, will yall believe it if I told yall that soulja boy’s tattoos are fake? Well, when I seen this I didn’t believe it and to be honest I still refuse to believe it. Here’s the scoop, Chris Brown is doing a small 19 city “Fan Appreciation” tour to show his fans how much he loves them and thanks them for all their support……Your welcome Chris;-) well Chris finally hit Atlanta Wednesday night at the Center Stage and brought a few special guests. Guess who? (Trey Songz voice)…yuuuuup! Soulja Boy Tell Em. Soulja Boy was there and did his thing and brought his A game to the stage but what he forgot to bring was his tattoos. I guess Soulja boy forgot that he didn’t put his tats on that night and took his shirt off while dancing and hyping the crowd and prance around the stage as if no one would notice. Maybe he’s doing the whole pharrell thing with getting the tattoos remove since he’s getting older I guess cause I refuse to believe that this so call gangsta was sporting fake tattoos all this time…like really? For real? Ugh, Soulja Boy was starting to get his street credits, hanging with Gucci Mane and the crew, getting arrested, and making REAL songs with more than just the hooks and now he wants to pull a stunt like this…not a good look Soulja, not a good look!  I thought you were trying to be funny when you befriended Bow Wow but you should be a comedian now doing stand up! Cause this is Hilarious.


  1. smdh r u kidding me like dis nigga is seriously trippn ugh he jus lost mii vote.. i was really diggin him but “this shyt rite here” (katt williams voice) is so not cute nor acceptable AT ALL!!!

  2. – WTF. thats some kornball shit.
    niqqa soo “qanqsta” but he kant qo qet a real tat?
    i mean he dont qot that much time on his hands where he kant qo qet a tat . he aint that hawt!
    i never really like SB but i started to be ok with him alil bit.. UNTiLL now. he lost the cool points he never had. HAAH !

    Yu aint qotta lie to kick it SON !

    wonda wuh his new qanqstaa friends like
    qucci & them have to sayy ?

  3. They aren’t henna… henna tats are brown, not black and bright red like Solja Boy’s…

  4. It might not be henna, but fake none the less. I got a fake tat in chi-town a couple of years ago to freak my fam out. lasted about a week.

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