Posted by: londynbridges | December 3, 2009

Pleasure P Molested his Nephew & Several Other Kids ?!?!

So, you know I had to do some reasearch about this one before I came out and told yall. Apparently, Pleasure P was kicked out of the group Pretty Ricky, not because he wanted to do a solo career, but because he “allegedly” molested his nephew and several other kids. Wow. Marcus Romone Cooper, Pleasure P’s, real name was supposed to have this case sealed to the public, but someone let the cat out of the bag.

The assistant/daughter of the lawyer who is handling the cause is running her mouth, and here is what she has to say:

“My dad was being paid to cover it up but they owe my dad a lot of money and don’t want to pay him. I first overheard my dad say that it was someone famous but I found out who he was talking about.

This guy Pleasure P got kicked out of a group bc he was hiding that he was a child molester. his managers or whatever hired my dad to keep it quiet so he could get a record deal

The guy Pleasure P molested a 4 yr old child and was about to molest another one when police came and saved the child. Now, the truth is out they’re threatening my family nd telling my dad he’s going to get sued. But they can’t because its a crime.

To top that off, she even tried to contact others members of Pretty Ricky but what told this by the groups management.”

-Courtesy of
Well Well Well, and if that is not enough, the documents of the court case have been seen on the internet … but I refuse to put them up, because you can CLEARLY see the names of the children involved. That’s just tacky. 

When I met Pleasure P back in 2008, he seemed like a pretty nice guy. Crazy. 

Smellin like lil boys booty holes .... not cool.


  1. WOOOWWWW…who would’ve though? Surely a BIG shocker to me…smh

  2. Tacky and probably ILLEGAL unless they have permission from parents/gaurdians. Glad you took the high road Brooke.

  3. Lets be honest people marcus cooper is not the only one who have been charged with things like that first is r.kelly then micheal jackson now marcus cooper after mr cooper who next. I dont think it was right if it was sealed they shoulda kept it sealed n if he refused to pay just took him to jail n letted be just that not all of this bs u see on here . N the lawyer/ assistant daughter .who ever she was was rong to get back at him like that .im not say if he did it n if it was right or rong all im sayin is at the age 3n 4 u dont know bout sex or rape or milestation or what it is n if he did this to the little girl there had to been a chance that he woulda poped her cherry n seriously hurted her n the boy if marcus did this why would the man do it n public knowin people go see him n he go to jail the man is like 26 now what he did at 15 or 16 has nothin to do wit him as n adult.many files after u hit 18 get erased how come that wasent one of them just think bout . The story dont make sense

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