Posted by: Chris Lockard | December 3, 2009

Eclectic Noise: Top 12 Albums of 2009 12-10

As is the custom of the music industry, December is a slow month and usually offers very little in new music that is worth mentioning. Grammy nominations have been announced, Black Friday has already passed, and deluxe editions of records need to be rushed to shelves in order to make consumers spend just a little bit more on the records of 2009 before the new year begins. This of course puts yours truly in a bind as I still have an article to write each week. Fear not though, as I have found a way to share music with you while also allowing my ears the opportunity to revisit the very best of 2009. For the next couple of weeks Eclectic Noise will countdown and highlight the top 12 albums of the year, 3 each week. The final post of the year on December 31 will give the top ten songs, well at least in my personal opinion. So without futher delay I present numbers 12 – 10 of the best albums of 2009:

12. Antlers – Hospice

Some songwriters are looking for only a quick hook and a catchy beat that will grab people’s attention. They may sprinkle more serious subjects on other songs of the album, but they are more likely to be hidden gems than the third or fourth single from an album. Antlers are the exact opposite of that. Every song is personal and has a deep meaning to them. You can hear the pain and sorrow on every track of Hospice, a concept album about a man watching a women he loves die in the very ward the album’s title is named for. From the early tracks of the sudden loss of youth, to the pains of sticking with someone you love until the end, and to the chilling truth that even though one person may walk out of the hospice ward at the end of the album, two souls are lost forever, The Antlers set a narrative that many may not want to hear due to the subject matter, but should in order to be prepared for the cold harshness that life sometimes provides.

11. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

“Do you remember when 21 years was old?” Such a fitting line from a band that at the beginning of this decade cried to their listeners that they felt too young. Phoenix have become masters of pop music that attracts not only the indie dance crowds but also mainstream listeners who know catchy pop tunes when they hear them. Songs such as 1901 and Lisztomania took this French band from being one of the most under appreciated bands of the decade to one of the most over exposed of 2009. Go to music search sites and you can probably find about 50 remixes to each of their singles without even trying. Some might worry if the band could ever top this record and to those detractors I say go listen to their first two albums and you’ll begin to realize that Phoenix has been reaching the same level of quality songs this whole decade. After that, come back and pop this record in again because good songs never get old.

10. Passion Pit – Manners

2009 was a stand out year for electronic dance music, and even though some records were better than Passion Pit’s debut “Manners”, none had more songs just ready to be unleashed as energizers by club DJ’s across the nation. Sleepyhead, The Reeling, Little Secrets and Fold In Your Hands could be played anywhere on any night right after the Black Eyed Peas’ Boom Boom Pow and deliver the same effect as that hit single. Considering this was Passion Pit’s first full length album, one has to believe that the band’s stock can only increase in the years to come, especially once they figure out how to translate the sound to live performances.  Next time you’re at cubicle on a Thursday and find yourself drifting towards sleep, put this album on quick….it may save you your job.

Come back next week for albums 9-7!



  1. I enjoyed this review. I cant wait to come back next week, you seem to have a good taste in the albums as well as a good knowledge of the background of the bands. I’ve been looking for somewhere to find what I should be listening to instead of the drab thats on the radio.

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