Posted by: Jonathan Barron | December 1, 2009

Most Anticipated Films This Holiday…Part One

The Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays are a special time for Hollywood Cinema.  Indeed, it is second only to the months from May thru July.  This week and next I will preview 2 Holiday films coming to a theater near you.  Let us begin…shall we?

The film “Invictus” is a highly anticipated movie for December.  The film has already generated Oscar buzz for Morgan Freeman who portrays the role of President Nelson Mandela.  The film also stars Matt Damon and is directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood.  Whenever Morgan Freeman and Mr. Eastwood team up for a film, the result is an Academy Award for Best Picture.  “Unforgiven” and “Million Dollar Baby” are two of their finest pieces of work.  This film should be no different and I would already bet the Mr. Freeman is a lock for the award.

“Invictus” is the true story of newly elected Nelson Mandela (following his release from prison) uniting his nation with the, unlikely, help of Francois Pienaar (Damon), the captain of the South African Rugby Team, by winning the World Cup.  This is an inspiring story of the uniting spirit of mankind and will be just the right story to tell this season.  It is far from a Christmas Movie, but invokes many of the good feelings of the season.  This is a film that I welcome with open arms.  Let the Oscar race begin.

On December 11, “The Lovely Bones” comes to theaters.  This film is a new drama directed by Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy).  This genre of film is a step away from the type of films Jackson likes to tackle.  However, according to early buzz, the film will be a critical success and will further cement Jackson’s growing success and legend.  He has, truly, emerged as one of the premier directing talents of the last ten years.

The film portrays young Susie Salmon, who is murdered, returning to watch over the family she left behind.  The film takes us on the journey of redemption and healing as Susie tries to spiritually guide her family, as well as her murderer, to self preservation and forgiveness.  This should be a very uplifting film that will make audiences reflect on the true nature of humanity.  This film is also an early contender for the, upcoming, awards season.

Next week we will preview certain blockbusters for the upcoming Holiday.  Look forward to “Avatar” and the quirky reimaging of “Sherlock Holmes”.  Truly, it will be elementary my dear.  Until then…

Jonathan Barron



  1. I read a less than positive review for Lovely Bones in the London Daily Mail, but after watching the trailer here I actually want to go see this one.

  2. I like the trailer here for the lovely bones..It seems like its going to have some beautiful imagery, I only hope the acting holds up. I read the book, and enjoyed it for the most part, but there were some spots that i started to lose interest. I have no doubt that PJ is going to do what he can to bring this story to life and then again to the afterlife, and make it one of this years best.

  3. The only complaint I have read about the movie really has been that the movie drifts away from the book’s imagery and focuses instead on the thriller and suspense side. Most likely if you haven’t read the book you won’t have a problem with the movie, otherwise it may require check some preconditions at the door.

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