Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | November 30, 2009

Trey Songz Vs. Joe

Thanks to for the pics!

Ya’ll know I got a special place in my hy heart for young sir Trey Songz, but I love me some Joe too! Well I guess the two are officially beefing and I’m waiting on some R&B diss records! Trey Songz celebrated his 25th Bday in New Jersey recently, and though Joe was not on the guest list he was still in attendance….its JOE for crying out loud! Anywho, since Joe wasn’t invited he didn’t have a VIP section for himself, so he sat in Trey’s….*Blank Stare*

Trey wasn’t tripping on the situation though, he even toasted Joe when he arrived. Trey’s camp on the other hand, wasn’t feeling all of that. Words we’re exchanged and then the fists came out! Here is the scoop from a source on the scene:

R&B singer Joe came through Lounge 501 last night, but wasn’t a booked act. So naturally the club tried to accommodate him. Here’s the underlying drama, Joe was seated in Trey Songz section. Now Trey arrives and although everything appeared to be cool, Trey wasn’t that excited about Joe taking up his space. No one really wanted to let Joe know he had to move from that area (assuming because he had the gonnies with him). And Joe’s goons weren’t that excited about them being side eyed by Trey’s people! Joe’s goons got a lil roudy with Trey’s security and a small scuffle begin. And based on the looks of Joe’s camp they weren’t victorious. By this time, Joe’s people are being escorted out by Trey’s security looking a bit hurt, but the situation appears to be tamed. That’s when they turned back and attempted to finish what they started. Now Trey’s skinny ass gets involved and gets knocked down. And more so than Joe’s camp being involved, all the regular dudes were throwing punches and trying to get at him. They were trying to kick him and punch him. Eventually the situation was ceased and Joe’s camp left the building. In all the mayhem Trey and his camp left without a scratch. Joe’s camp on the other hand, not so much!

WOW…well Happy Birthday Trey…and ummmmm good luck with your future endeavors Joe!



  1. Can’t we all just get along – LOL

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