Posted by: Jonathan Barron | November 26, 2009

The Box Office Hustle!!!

Welcome to The Box Office Hustle!!!  Thanksgiving weekend will bring many new releases.  So, let’s get to it.  You’ll want to read this quick and go spend a day at the movies.

Arriving at the number three spot this weekend is “The Blind Side” starring Sandra Bullock.  This is one of the feel good movies of the Holiday Season and enjoyed a hefty $34 million take last weekend.  If you loved “The Rookie” and “Remember the Titans”, you’ll love this heartwarming tale of love and the true meaning of family.  This film should easily rake in a healthy $25 million over the Holiday weekend.  If there is no Oscar buzz for Sandra Bullock, let me be the first to get it rolling.

The number two spot will belong to “Old Dogs” starring John Travolta and Robin Williams.  This is a comedy from the director of “Wild Hogs” which scored a box office smash upon it’s release.  While the critical consensus is pretty low, it should be a fun family film.  The critical consensus should not hurt the film’s success at the box office.  Expect an easy $30 million this weekend.

The number one movie this weekend is “New Moon”.  This film exceeded everyone’s expectations with one of the biggest opening weekends in film history.  Young girls will continue to flock to this smash sequel in the Twilight series.  This film will easily generate $50 million over the weekend and hold the top spot for the second week in a row.

So, there you have it folks.  You have a lot of films to choose from this weekend.  However, these will be the three that will hustle you out of your money.  There will be plenty to choose from.  Truly, a great weekend to go enjoy a movie.  Until next week, GO GET HUSTLED!!!

Jonathan Barron


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