Posted by: tokyorose1 | November 24, 2009

Guess Who….

If you guessed Babs then you are absolutely correct.  Babs from the very first season of Making the Band with Diddy was spotted in the big apple, NYC, at a night club called Duvet with her girlfriend. According to, the two was all cuddled up and seemed to “REALLY” have been enjoying themselves. You may recognize her girlfriend, her name is Flo and she has been on the scene herself. You may have seen her on the hit show THE BAD GIRL’S CLUB. Babs looks the same to me, no progress at all what so ever, but I can say she looks less rough in the face now and the pink hair?!? Um… looks good on you! But if I can’t say anything else nice, I can say the girl has talent. She was in The Band for a reason and we’re waiting for you to bless the mic Babs.



  1. I like the hair. Babs was always a little too rough around the edges for me but she seems to be taking more time to soften up her image. I hope this is the first step in a comeback journey.

  2. Obsessed with FLO!!! I love this bitch she is the realest out of them all, I write all the girls Flo writes back and givs me juicy details…Go to Flo Outlaw on facebook

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