Posted by: Monty Gobay | November 24, 2009

50 cent Settles Dispute With Taco Bell

Hip Hop mogul Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 cent has settled his legal battles with the U.S. fast food chain Taco Bell after accusing the company of using his name in an advertising campaign without his permission. In July 2008 50 cent filled suit against the Taco Bell bosses stating that there destroying his good name, by using it in conjunction with there 79,89,99 cent promo. 50 cent stated that the ad  made it look like he was endorsing the franchise.

Taco Bell offered to donate to 50’s charity if he would come up to the drive-thru window and rap his order using the 79,89,99 cent promo deal.50 cent refused the offer and he was not amused by the mocking of Taco Bell’s offer and sued the fast food chain for $1 million dollars in defamation of character. Shortly after the lawsuit both parties soon settled there disputes in court the amount of the settlement has yet to be disclosed but both parties walked away happy. Shout-out to


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