Posted by: Monty Gobay | November 23, 2009

Drake Is Smashing Trey Songz Girl

“I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful”, yeah those were the words that both Trey Songz and Drake quoted on Drake’s song “Successful”, and also in there everyday life. While Trey Songz is singing for Drake; Drake is signing to while he is smashing Trey Songz main chick.Both guys are known to have multiple women, but Trey Songz has made his relationship with video vixen Tanaya his main squeeze since the have been dating for a year on and off.

A few weeks ago, she was with Drake at the Kid Cudi video shoot, and Drake has been smashing her behind Trey’s back ever since. Hey I guess Drakes not gay after all if he is he is doing a great job covering it up, due to the fact that he was seen in recent pictures on the web of him taking pictures with another man face down between his legs. It looks like now he has Trey Songz girl there. Shout-out to


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