Posted by: Monty Gobay | November 23, 2009

Canadian Women Loses Benefits Over Facebook

First it was Myspace now its Facebook, the internet is your enemy. In Bromont, Quebec-(AP) Canadian women who suffered from a case of long-term depression losses her benefits because her insurance agent found photos of her on Facebook having a good time. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported Saturday Ms. Nathalie Blanchard was diagnosed with a case of major depression and receiving monthly benefits from her insurance agency Manulife.

Ms. Blanchard was seen in her Facebook pictures at a Chippendale’s show for her birthday while she was on vacation having fun, when the pictures were taken. Her insurance agency is saying that there is nothing wrong with her, although Ms.Blanchard and her attonrney is fighting all false allegations of her not having depression. She  also states that her doctor told her to have fun because that would help her forget all of her problems. Although Manulife wouldn’t comment on Blanchard’s case, but did say they would not deny or terminate a claim soley based on information published on Web sites such as Facebook.

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