Posted by: Monty Gobay | November 19, 2009

Autopsy: Ex-fiancé of ‘Real Housewife’ Died of Sickle Cell

Atlanta Housewives cast member, and former Xscape member Kandi Burruss former fiance’ Ashley “A.J.” Jewell death was ruled as a homicide.Still, according to a report from the Fulton County medical examiner that was provided to, Ashley “A.J.” Jewell’s death is a homicide.Mr. Jewell had a complications of his underlying natural disease conditions, the complications would not have occurred if he had not experienced the extreme exertion that was part of the physical altercation.

Frederick Richarsdon, the man who fought Mr. Jewell  shortly before he died is now free on bond Tuesday while awaiting indictment.Mr. Jewell suffered from sickle cell, a condition he did not know he had. Mr.Jewell was in a physical altercation with Mr. Richardson in the parking lot of the Body Tap, according to police, was the final conflict in an ongoing feud between the two men as they struggled for control at the west Atlanta strip bar. Shortly after the fight Mr. Jewell was pronounced dead from blunt force trauma. Shot out to, and


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