Posted by: Carmen St. Diego | November 17, 2009

Fourteen remain in “So You Think You Can Dance?”

Her Kung Fu is strong... LOL


After three weeks of So You Think You Can Dance, six contestants have been eliminated and 14 remain.  Contestants performed Nov. 17.

Ellenore Scott (pictured left) and Ryan Di Lello really portrayed the story in their contemporary performance. The dance was about a man meeting up with a lady he was with years ago, realizing he missed out on her.  I thought the performance was accurate and beautiful.

I give them the award for the best performance of the night.

Second best award goes to Ashleigh Di Lello and Jakob Karr.  They tore the stage up with a hip-hop performance danced to Jason DeRulo’s Watcha You Say? Their performance was spot on with rockin’ hip-hop moves and emotion.  Kudos.  Only thing I didn’t like was Ashleigh’s outfit — she should have left that glittery see-thru top in the 1990s.

Kevin Hunte and Karen Hauer performed a Broadway number. I have to admit, I didn’t really like the performance. Neither dancer really seemed to be into this type of dance.  Watching them, I felt like they were trying too hard to think about what they had to do while the dance went by.

Noelle Marsh and Russell Furguson had great chemistry together as they danced the foxtrot and Russell had wonderful posture which always makes the dance look better.  They looked like they wanted to be on stage dancing the Foxtrot. They had fluid movements – I can tell they have been practicing.

I didn’t dig Channing Cooke and Victor Smalley’s jazz routine.  Their dancing wasn’t bad, but the music selection was horrible and that had a negative affect on the routine. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bobby McFerrin, but the song just didn’t fit with the tempo of the dance.   A routine isn’t just about the dance – it’s also about the music selection.

Legacy Perez and Kathryn McCormick danced the Paso Doble in an energetic, intense performance.  Legacy kept intense eyes the entire performance.  There were a few mistakes with the performance, but overall, it was good.

Nathan Trasoras and Mollee Gray danced a lyrical performance.  I wasn’t really sold on the dance. It was alright, but they didn’t look too excited to be up on stage.

What are your thoughts on the show? I want to know.  Comment on this post.


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