Posted by: Monty Gobay | November 17, 2009

For The Love of Ray J 2 (She Smashed The Homies Again…)

Not again, tell me it isn’t so. Another chick smashed the homies on Season 2 of for the love of Ray J 2 episode 3. Ray j finds out that one of his homies his which is also his DJ.DJ Drew smashed Ella Varo A.k.A. Luscious 23, from Oxnard, CA who has an occupation as a Go-Go Dancer. She also states that she loves to dance nude in front of the mirror, traveled the world to dance, and says she doesn’t believe in being promiscuous, and has been celibate. Yeah whatever! DJ Drew smashed Luscious at Ray J’s house on the couch and he also revealed to Ray J that he smashed her not once, but three times one night  dang!

This all happen one night when they had an all night smash party leaving Ray j confused again wondering what to do now. Last season he found out that danger one of the girls who also had went to the press of her being pregnant by Ray J had been smashed by one of the homies. Wow whats a guy to do in a situation like this? Shot out to vh1 for the video.

Click here for video.


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