Posted by: tokyorose1 | November 17, 2009

Ex Ralph Lauren Model Fired for being Too Fat!

What size should a model be? That is a good question. Well, according to Ralph Lauren, a model size should not be 5’10” at 120 lbs or you will get cut faster than the people that want to work for P.Diddy. That is what happened to Filippa Hamilton who was fired by the line recently for being “to fat”. Hamilton had been working with Ralph Lauren since she was 15 years old and considered them as her second family…Well Hamilton, it does happen occasionally that “family” will stab you in the back too. But here’s the run down, according to, Hamilton did a photo shoot for the line that was used at a department store overseas, but what they didn’t tell Hamilton was that the photograph was photo shopped. Ok, you think a major line photo shops a photo…Big deal, that’s what they’re supposed to do right? Of course, but when the end result looks to where an infant can wrap their arms around your waist then we have a problem, a serious problem.

Obviously, representation from Ralph Lauren didn’t tell Hamilton that her picture looked like this until after the fact, after the fact that she was fired. The sugar coated statement that Ralph Lauren released on Hamilton’s dismissal was because”of her inability to meet the obligations under her contract.” But later it was aired all out because allegedly, Ralph Lauren actually told Hamilton’s agency that she was just simply too big to fit in their clothing. Geesh!!! I mean it is bad enough to call a person fat, especially a model cause we all know how they struggle with different eating disorders thinking that it’s the right thing to do, but editing the picture to this nature….. I mean ripping her eye lashes out one by one would have been less painful.


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