Posted by: Monty Gobay | November 17, 2009

Is 50 scared of Jay?

50 cent, owner of G-Unit Records, who has made lots of enemies in the music business, over the last 8 years with his controversial lyrics, and aggressive style and attitude has also had a very lucrative and successful career in the music business, and in major films. 50 cent is now returning again with a new album entitled “Before I self Destruct”, 50 cent talks with Atlanta’s Hottest Hip Hop Hot 107.9 radio personality Bistro in an interview  about his new projects and his previous projects.

50 cent discusses some issues that he has with Jay-z, from a recent interview Jay-z had with the press stating that nobody is scared of 50 cent. 50 cent is wondering why nobody asked was he scared of Jay-Z hum…chirp, chirp is all you here in the room quoted by 50 cent. 50 also explained why he made talked about the urkel glasses. ” Why Jay rocking that urkel look? isn’t he from Marcy”, a bar from 50 cents verse in before I Self Destruct.. Shot out to

Click here for video


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