Posted by: Buzz|Crew | November 15, 2009

RecessionProof Buzz!: Disney selling Happily-Ever-Afters Now?

And they lived happily ever after = Not Priceless

And they lived happily ever after = Not Priceless


Damn! Where was Disney when a brother decided to get engaged like 2 years ago. I guess it just goes to show you that Disney knows no limit when it comes to selling the “Disney-World Experience. What am I so amp’d up about you might ask?


Well after the drop, there’s a vid I want you to catch. Apparently this young cat was about to get engaged and employed some Disney staff to make his dream come true. No doubt that this is a brilliant marketing ploy to get couples to make their magical moment at the “most magical place on earth.”

[Sidebar: This isn’t Disney’s first attempt. They have shows on W.E. (sit-down-and-pee-tv) that are mini documentaries, chronicalling couples as they have their wedding there.]

In any event, this video was one of the featured vids on YouTube over the weekend, and you know how they do over there. Not only that, the joint was choreographed, had an original score that rivaled many of Disney’s films as of late, and had better production value than BET can afford (SMDH: moment of silence please).

In any event, it just goes to show you how companies like Disney are really driving to engage the human experience in the name of profits. No doubt the dude got paid (prolly works as one of the Prince Charmings on the weekend shift) to do this.

But I ain’t mad at him, no telling how much play dude got that night. In retrospect, watching it made me happy. Not for him, but for me…that I’m not dude’s homey. After that you could never impress your woman again. Now your chick is like, “Why you can’t propose like Jake did for Sarah?” Now I’m in the parking lot like, “Chick, we at Red Lobster!”

Enjoy the vid:

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