Posted by: Jonathan Barron | November 13, 2009

The Box Office Hustle

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Blastin' you fools!

Baby, I’ve been thinking about you all week. Do you know how much I’ve missed you…just waiting for the next opportunity to blast you with my wisdom? Well here it is. Since I know you’ve been thinking about it too, let’s get to gettin’.

Returning to the number three spot this weekend is “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”. This film has been a remarkable success. Originally, it was only going to be shown for two weeks, which was probably just a brilliant marketing strategy. Clearly, it work and the King of Pop is here to stay. He’s welcome in my book. The film is a documentary that captures rare rehearsal footage of his tour that was to open in London. Expect this film to make between $6 to $8 million this weekend. This film has an irony to it, however. If Michael Jackson had not passed on I doubt this footage would have ever been shared with audiences. Keep in mind that Jackson was a disciplined perfectionist. If you haven’t gotten hustled by this film yet, go see it. You don’t have to be a fan to appreciate a, truly, gifted artist. On to number #2…

Rolling in at number two will be “A Christmas Carol” starring Jim Carrey. This film is a retelling of the classic Dickens’ tale about one man’s final chance at embracing redemption. This film will continue to do well thanks to IMAX and 3D showings. In addition, it has a wide appeal for families, adults and children alike. Jim Carrey on board doesn’t hurt either. The movie should easily rake in between $15 and $20 million this weekend. So, if you want to get into the Christmas Spirit early, go let hustled by this holiday treat. I hear it’s better than warm bread pudding on a cold winter day. But you don’t have to take my word for it…DADADA. (That was a “Reading Rainbow” reference in case you didn’t catch it.)

And finally, unless you’ve been asleep for the past six months, you can all guess what is number one. “2012” will definitely hustle you out of your money this weekend with a $45 to $50 million take. As we all know, the world is going to end in a few years….so we need to prepare ourselves by going to see this movie. It will help us know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for near certain doom. On a more serious note, I think we need to give Roland Emmerich a break. I find it hilarious when critics pan this guy and Michael Bay (and others like them). These guys never claim to make Oscar favorites. So, critics and wanna be critics alike….lighten up…go see the movie…unpucker your…well you get the point. Some movies are just meant to be fun.

It’s over ladies and gentlemen. Go on with your daily lives. Think of me as always and GO GET HUSTLED!!!

Jonathan Barron

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