Posted by: tokyorose1 | November 12, 2009

Which is More Important to Kourtney? Gaining Weight or her Baby!?!

Kourtney Kardashian is so over being preggers. While most moms, especially first time moms, are excited about dropping and meeting their new arrivals, Kourtney on the other hand is ready to drop due to weight gain. Kourtney has been complaining that during her pregnancy she has been gaining to much weight….but that’s what I thought you were suppose to do when you’re pregnant. The reality star admits that she weights herself every day and said just last week she gained three pounds in one day….she says its hard carrying around extra weight and is so over being pregnant on the red carpet……really Kourtney!?! It can’t be that much heavier than the body size hand bags that you steal….I mean borrow from Kim. Kountry is just more worried about fitting back into her mini-dresses and six inch heels.

I didn't know people still rode roller blades, go figure...

But Kourtney is trying to stay active and here’s a photo taken from of the sisters working out in Santa Barbara. Kourtney was doing a little foot action while Khole and Kim was working it out on the rollerblades….looks like fun but it’s getting a tad bit to cold to be rollerblading. I have no time for my wheels to be sticking together and falling! Tooooo cool to be embarrassed lol. Kourtney is due this month……Good luck Kourtney and make us proud!!!!!!

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