Posted by: Chris Lockard | November 12, 2009

Eclectic Noise

Cymbals Eat Guitars Why There Are Mountains (A-)



Fans have been waiting and whining for a decade for Pavement to reunite. Most of them, myself included, hadn’t even picked up a Pavement record until band had disbanded. When tickets for Pavement’s reunion show went on sale last month they were gone within two minutes. There is a whole new generation of Pavement fans clamoring for a sound that hasnt been heard, or least worth hearing, since 2000. Fitting that a band of kids that are still under drinking age, and were only 10 when Pavement actually broke up, have picked up the torch and created an album that is one of the purest and best sounding rock records of this year on their first attempt.

Cymbals Eat Guitars take the earlier sounds of Pavement and combines them with the sadness of Weezer’s Pinkerton album and even a hint of Modest Mouse’s The Moon and Antarctica to create songs that constanstly changing in tone, volume, and passion. Lead writer, singer and guitarist Joseph D’Agostino goes from screaming in rage to gentle verses to shredding guitar solos, and thats all on the first track. Most of the songs follow this idea of constant change and it works well as it feels unpredictable upon first listen yet so well structured after multiple playings.

After the two opening tracks that are filled with much loud fast paced rock, the third track Indiana begins with an ambient one note drone sound that builds for a minute before changing into a piano backed pop sound over desolate lyrics such as,”I sense evil at the heart of each far flung well lighted home.” Cold Spring begins with slow violins, errupts at the center of the track into aggression and pleas by the singer, before settling back to the peaceful sounds from the song’s beginning. It’s normal for bands to have songs that change, but it’s rare to find a band that is willing to do it so often on one album, and with such drastic changes that work so well. The last great band to pull this off at this level just reunited and unless you had a great internet connection you won’t be seeing them anytime next year, so do yourself and see this band before they do breakup and while they are still in their prime, you wont be disappointed.

Top Tracks: And The Hazy Sea, Some Trees, Indiana, Cold Spring, Wind Phoenix




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