Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | November 11, 2009

Somebody let Twerk Team get a song…WHY?

Twerk Team has released a diss track to Superhead. There reason for dissing Superhead is written in the more info section of their official website aka Youtube. Here is there reason:

Why are we dissing Superhead?
On 10-01-2009 Superhead wrote in her blog and also posted our vid (Lil’ Wayne “Bend Ova”) on her blog writing under it:

Because strippers go to college too.

Because someones parents paid for this.

Because young black women dont value their bodies.

Because young black men only value young black womens bodies.

Because I threw a dollar @ my Macbook.

Because its hard not to shake your ass @ Lil Wayne.

Because I cant read your ass when its moving so fast.

Because if you had a dad he would kick your ass!

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