Posted by: Monty Gobay | November 11, 2009

50 cent and Beanie Sigel Friday the 13th


The G and The Roc...together at last?

Is it really real? 50 cent and Beanie Sigel teaming up to due a track together that’s scheduled to be released Friday the 13th, debuting on Using the original Friday the 13th logo, Beanie Sigel former Roc-A-Fella artist recently released from prison announced his now signing a new deal to 50 cent’s label G-Unit Records. 50 cent adversary of Jay-Z explains his relationship with Beanie, he also talked about how he stayed down with Beanie the whole time he was incarcerated doing his one year sentence in prison. Although there has not been any officials confirmation yet. Beanie Sigel states that he’s going to continue making dis records toward Jay-Z like ” Average Cat”, although he states that is not a dis record more like a real record in that song he talks about his problems with and toward Jay-Z. Beanie Sigel also quoted “He’s a crumb. I’m putting my foot on his neck ‘til he responds. Please make a record, ‘cause a week been out dog,” Sigel stated. “Not taking nothing from Jay as an artist. All I’m saying is I ain’t gotta jog to keep up with him. Watch what I do next.” Shot to, and

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