Posted by: Monty Gobay | November 10, 2009

Update: Katt Williams Released On Bond


I make millions of dollars, not cases...

Well known comedian Katt Williams was released on $40,000 bond from the Coweta County Jail this morning after being arrested and accused of burglary early monday morning. Katt Williams,38, who has a had a successful career thus far in movies, and in television after emerging on the scene for the 1999 comedy club appearances. Reports say that Katt Williams was seen by a caretaker at the guest home that he was staying in breaking into the house with crow bar, and made serious allegation of him stealing $3,500 in jewelry. Although Williams attorney denies all involvements of theft. Williams also quoted ” How I can be making all these millions of dollars, and still find time to burglarize”. Both Katt Williams, and his attorney are still fighting of proving his innocence. Shot out to for short footage of Katt Williams release.

Click Here For Video



  1. The video didn’t make me change my stance at all. Crack is still wack and Katt needs to clean up his personal act.

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