Posted by: londynbridges | November 9, 2009

From T.V Star to Musician?

So it seems like the Disney Channel has set the standard from movie stars to all of a sudden develop music careers. But now, it seems like everyone is doing it. Didn’t the industry used to be the other way around? You make it singing or rapping and then get a t.v. or movie role? Ice Cube & LL Cool J sure developed this into great talents. But … now the roles are switched. Former Degrassi cast member Drake all of a sudden blew up, & now we can add another guy to the list. Singer Mishon, a ABC Family actor on the show, “Lincoln Heights,” has a music career. Check out some of his work:

Cute. Reminds me of Soulja Boy lol. But is this really fair to other people? I mean we all know Drake can rap, I guess Mishon can sing, (sounds a little auto-tune to me) but what about people who aren’t afforded the same opportunities? 


Aww him got a baby face


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