Posted by: londynbridges | November 6, 2009

Obama’s First Year. What cha Tink??

Stepping into a year where the world’s economy is failing all because of the country we live, the longest U.S. war in history, coming behind 8 years of buffoonery, and to top it off, your skin color is different from all 4o odd something presidents before you. This is just the tip of what President Obama faced when he was elected our 44th United States President. Here we are one year later looking at the progress of what the President has done 1 year in the game. Now technically, his one year mark is in Jan 20th 2010, but hey, they day he got elected was in many people’s eye the day he started. Mainly because we wanted Bush out the White Horse. ( I spelt it like that on purpose, sorry if you don’t get it lol).  

Here are some facts about our 44th pres :

  • He was born in Honolulu Hawii- ATTENTION … UMM THIS MAKES HIM A U.S. CITIZEN DUMMIES.  
  • His mother was from Kansas, father from Kenya. This makes him MULTICULTURAL …. 
  • His mother died from Ovarian cancer, his father from a car accident. He was raised by his grandparents. 
  • He has used, drugs & alcohol during his teen years to, ” push questions of who I was out of my mind.” 
  • He attended Occidental College in LA, then transferred to Columbia University in 1981 where he received his B.A. . He entered Harvard Law school in 1988.  
Young Obama

Throw Back !!

-Yall get where I’m going with this? Your past is exactly what it is. Past. It’s gone. You always have the chance to set yourself back on the right track. 

We want to ask you. How do you rate Obama’s performance for this “first year?”



  1. “Mainly because we wanted Bush out the White Horse”, is it typo error or just mainly fun?. Nice anyway

  2. I was being funny lol.

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